Wholesale Information



To place a wholesale order please contact me via email to set up a buyer meeting.
If you are local to my area then we can meet in person. If you are not local we can do a video meeting or communicate via email, text or phone.

Or if you prefer you can shop exclusively from my inventory on my website.

At an in person meeting I will bring some inventory for you to see what my range is as far as what I can do and what my style is. It's also nice to have hands on and really see what the pieces look like.

If we are chatting via distance then it will be photos and my website to view my work.


Things we will go over at our meeting,

-Items wanted, if off website
-Ideas, color schemes, or specific items requested

-Time frame needed for buyer

-Wholesale cost
-Questions and Concerns
-*Production times and delivery


Wholesale requirements:

Opening order minimum is a $1000.00 retail, $500 wholesale

Payment due upon order, use code WHOLESALEORDER and a 50% discount will be applied at checkout after you have hit the max $1000.00 retail amount, if you have questions about this please contact me via email 



Minimum reorder is $1000.00 Retail *see above

Payment due upon order

Payments accepted
PayPal at this time


Email:  fashionablyadorned@gmail.com

- Production times may vary depending on items ordered and if they are finished and on hand or if they are made to order items

- Delivery Expected within 14 days of order, *see below 


*As I am only one person making all the jewelry by hand in my home studio, production time my exceed the 14 day delivery but we will be in close communication so I will be checking in with you. 

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