I'm a self taught jewelry artist and metalsmith sharing my journey one flame at a time!

tumbling finished pcs for hardness and shine

sawing some copper for etching

sterling headpins 

before being fired into

balled headpins

after firing and a bath 

in the pickle

copper bangles 16G before LOS

copper bangles after los

sterling silver bangles after solder and before forming

after forming before hammered texture and tumbled

finished sterling silver

 2 - 18G and 1 - 10G Bangles 


Get excited...... I'm currently waiting on my silver order from RIO so I can take a stab at doing some bezel setting. 

I'm going to start out making some pendants. That doesn't freak me out as much as trying to make a ring. I ordered a few tools, a bezel pusher, roller and a burnisher. I got my bezel wire in 1/8 from an Etsy seller. I will be ordering again from them. I have another order coming from an Etsy seller which is a trio selection of Easy, Medium and Hard solder sheet. 

I have some wire solder but it's very hard to work with. I think the sheet solder cut into pallions will be a better fit. 

I also have quite a few Cabochons I've collected over the last few yrs. I've always known that silver smithing was a goal of mine. 

I'm excited, nervous, scared...... I'll keep ya posted :) 


I'm having so much fun and really enjoy the learning process! 

even tho sometimes its sucks to work really hard on a piece and then have it not workout and have to scrap it.. but that's learning and at least I know I can do it again!

A few things I've made 

When I first started using my torch back in 2010 I used it for making my own balled headpins... I've only recently started playing around with soldering some smaller objects.. such as bangles and smaller rings. 

I started out with copper and copper solder which is a little harder than using sterling silver but also less expensive. 

Then I moved onto some sterling bangles out of 18 gauge half hard wire and when those were successful I tried a 10 Gauge sterling silver bangle. 

so far i've been successful in soldering these bracelets so I'm moving onward!

come back often to see my skills progress and what I'm making! 


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