out of the ashes peacock cuff

This GORGEOUS CUFF has been 100% fabricated by me. 

first I sawed the 1.5 in cuff out of 20 guage copper sheet. Then cleaned, filed, sanded and finished the pc of copper before hand stamping the peacock feather design.

once that's done it goes into the etch bath. Then it's clean up from that a patina of liver of sulfer. 

once that's been finished with steel wool I then tumble it for a while to help harden the metal after that I add the color with alcohol inks. once the pattern is to my liking it's sealed to protect the ink. if you want your bracelet sealed on the back side that touches the skin please choose that option in the drop down menu.  


*made to order item


  • Return Policy

    you have 3 days once you have received your item to return it in the original packaging to get a full refund, minus cost of return shipping  

    NO returns on sale items

    NO returns on custom pieces 

  • Copper Jewelry

    Copper if left unsealed may turn skin a greenish tint..which is totally normal reaction for copper. {And actually this varies bc it's a chemical response to your skin, so not everyone turns green and some more than others.. like me, I only really turn green if my copper jewelry gets wet.other wise it's not bad}


    Because copper has so many great benefits like moving energy and healing tissue  I do not seal copper pieces unless they are finished with a fire patina or some color inks and then it's only the side with color.

    If you want it sealed than please pick that option in the drop down menu

  • Production time


    Please keep in mind that I am one person.

    So there may be times items listed are made to order and the production time can be 7-10 days. 

  • Made to order items


    some items listed will be a made to order item. which means that once that original item is sold it’s gone but still available. so once someone orders another it will be made and will take the 7-10 production days 


    this is different than a custom order.. which means, someone has reached out to me and asked for something specific.. wether that’s design, coloring, custom message, stamping etc… 

  • Alcohol ink replication

    Because the ink is all done by hand I can not replicate this exact coloring.. I can however get it close so each one is unique and one of a kind! 


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