feathers and teal

feathers and teal

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Large copper peacock cuff covered with teal patina to give it an older look. 


Copper Jewelry 

Copper if left unsealed may turn skin a greenish tint..which is normal reaction for copper.

Because copper has so many great benefits like moving energy and healing tissue  I do not seal copper pieces unless they are finished with a fire patina or some color inks, and then its only the side with color.

If you want it sealed than please pick that option in the drop down menu




Sterling silver does tarnish over time wether it’s been dipped in patina or left shiny. 

when your silver looks dull and tarnished use a polishing pad to clean off the junk and restore your silver jewelry to a shiny new look! (don’t worry, if it has a patina finish the polishing cloth won’t remove it) 

I offer them free with purchase, when in stock


Product Guarantee 

 If anything breaks on your jewelry such as jump rings, or clasps, contact me before sending it back on your dime and I’ll fix it free of charge