ADJUSTABLE Black Onyx ring

ADJUSTABLE Black Onyx ring

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this hexagon onyx ring is adjustable. This is the biggest question I get asked "are your rings adjustable?" and up until now the answer has been NO! 


But I'm so happy to bring you a few of these adjustable rings 

this one is a size 5.5 but can be adjusted DOWN to a size 5 or UP to a size 6 

oxidized for detail 


Sterling silver care 

Sterling silver does tarnish over time wether it’s been dipped in patina or left shiny. 

when your silver looks dull and tarnished use a polishing pad to clean off the junk and restore your silver jewelry to a shiny new look! (don’t worry, if it has a patina finish the polishing cloth won’t remove it) 

I offer them free with purchase, when in stock


Product Guarantee 

 If anything breaks on your jewelry such as jump rings, or clasps, contact me before sending it back on your dime and I’ll fix it free of charge