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What's Coming in 2019

HEY lovely

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Here at Potter Palace we had a peaceful relaxing holiday..

I've spent so many holidays stressing, over spending, making to much food, running around like a crazy person.. THIS IS NOT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT...

For us it's about slowing down, spending time with loved ones, eating good healthy food and yummy treats and sharing traditions and making new ones!


Lets chat about new and exciting things that will be happening in the next 12 months for Fashionably Adorned.

First and foremost.. THE MOST EXCITING NEWS FOR ME IS....

by Feb I'll be at 32 hours a week at my 9-5!

I've resigned as the Asst. Manager and will take a pay decrease and less benefits to gain more TIME growing my Passion Project AKA THIS BUSINESS!

I've seen amazing growth in my business and my skills in 2018 and I'm ready to take that to the next level. Having more time will help me do just that!

If you follow my IG then you know I'm starting to delve into the world of Electroforming.

You may be thinking... what is Electroforming?!?

it's like crazy science meets jewels and created a magical copper baby together!!

it involves adding metal onto something that is not metal to begin with. so this pretty much covers EVERYTHING!!!!

organics, metals, bugs, textiles, snakeskin, honeycomb..... the ideas are endless really..

The other really cool thing about EF is that it also involves sculpting and painting.. to set stones and other things you use epoxy clay and you paint on your conductive paint anywhere on your piece you want copper to be added. If you are using copper for bails and ring bands than those will automatically be coated as well no need to paint them.

Another cool thing you can do is seal places you want to leave exposed.. like if you were doing a leaf but wanted to leave a portion of the real leaf exposed you could lacquer that area and then paint the rest with your conductive paint. The lacquer will seal and protect the exposed organic material once in the acid bath, and everything else painted with conductive paint would be copper. PRETTY RAD HUH!!!

You'll be seeing this process via my social media, and IG is the best place to follow along.

It's pretty crazy science!! Real life alchemy!! SO COOL!!!

I've got these two waiting to take a dip in the blue bath.. it's quite the process, there is a lot of prep work, sculpting, setting stones, glueing gems and bails, sealing, sanding and painting, then waiting for that to dry... before even going into the blue bath..

I'm very fortunate I have other stuff to work on during the waiting time for these projects!

glued, epoxied, sanded and sealed

quite the process

conductive paint added

so much waiting........

gonna be so pretty!

gonna be worth it!


A few other things in the works too!!

* Copper Etching Ebook

* Monthly Jewelry subscription box, still in the brainstorming stage on this one

* Jewelry classes, these will be local only at first but I'm brainstorming on how to do virtual classes

* new jewelry designs... think interchangeable crystal specific diffuser bracelets for essential oils, etched statement necklaces, MORE COPPER WORK!!

* Silver soldering and cabochon setting, finally.. may be taking a class for this, I'm tired of struggling with it

* How to videos, I'm totally self taught and would love to share my processes with others who would like to do this too!

* Pop up sip and shop events this spring and summer

So there ya have it..

these are just a few of the main things I want to focus on this year. I have a masters idea list on my phone longer than my arm so I'm sure you'll be seeing a few things not listed here popping up in 2019 as well!!

CHEERS to New Beginnings, Abundance and Peace in 2019!



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