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NEW TORCH among other things!

Well Hey GIRL....

I know it's been a hot min since we've spoken!

These last couple weeks I've been trying to get some systems in place so we can have chats more frequently!

Recently, I was able to upgrade a few things in my studio and I thought it would be fun to share them with you guys! After all these are the things I use to make the jewelry that comes out of the Fashionably Adorned Studio!

The first and FUNNEST of those upgrades was a NEW TORCH....

It's an actual silversmithing jewelry torch ... I feel so legit!!

It's an Oxygen propane set up and right now I'm using disposable tanks. Like those ones you see at Ace hardware.

This is what the tanks look like. I go threw Oxygen like mad... I'll need to upgrade to a permanent oxy tank soon.

and I have a nice magnetic hand piece holder that also holds my torch tips... more on those below.

this is what the hand piece looks like. The red and green knobs are for oxygen (Green) propane (Red)

It also has interchangeable tips I can use depending on what job I'm doing and how big of a flame I want.

My second best upgrade was my BENCH!

It's not a smithing jewelers bench but it will do for now until I can get my dream bench! It was very reasonable at less than $150.00. I got it at Harbor Freight and my husband put it together.

The one thing I didn't even think about was the width, so when we got it into my studio (sec pic) I realized none of my tools that clamp on fit! The bench was to wide. so I got a few screw on items.. like my bench pen and my vice but the vice still had to be clamped on to screw it onto the bench, why?? I don't know but by then the hubs was like "I'll just cut a notch out of the side so it will clamp on and fit"

I'm like ........ well that would have saved me some money but new tools are always fun!

Here he's attaching my new bench pen

In the studio all set up!

My third best upgrade is my Flexshaft..

a flex shaft is a rotary tool, like a Dremel, that you switch out bits and bobs to help you sand, cut, pierce, polish, and a bazillion other things. It has a forward and backwards setting but the coolest thing is that you control it with a foot pedal.

Here you can see it hanging on the right of my bench

I was using a Dremel with a hand piece attachment like a flexshaft, but the real deal has a a better motor and has more perks.

Then lastly I got a really cool little bench sander I can attach to my flexshaft (RAD AF) I've only played around with it so far, But I know it's going to come in very handy when I have to fabricate larger cuffs and pieces.

and last but certainly NOT hammers.. That larger ball peen is becoming my new favorite metal stamping hammer!!

It's works better than my 2 lb brass!

I won't be spending any money on new tools for a while and you can see why. It was fun to be able to upgrade my studio and get tools that will help me lower my cost and time to make affordable hand made jewelry for you guys!

Until next time,

OXOXOX Sherice

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