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I'm really doing it!!

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I don't know about you but I'm the kind of person that usually "gears up" for something.. so I knew a couple weeks ago I wanted to start my smithing journey.. I'm feeling more confident about being able to do it and understanding the process.

I've also been really growing my finishing skills bc that's a HUGE thing in metal smithing.

AND this has been a LOOOONG TIME COMING.. when I first started making jewelry in 2009 I knew my end goal, so to speak was smithing!!!

Yesterday was the day!

after coming home with a little flu bug, I laid down and took a 3 hr nap. woke up , ate a little something and watched a few stone setting videos.. one of my favorite makers is Basia over at Stardust mine! you can find her on IG and Youtube!

SO here's how it went... on the first go round..

I was able to get the bezel wire soldered and then soldered onto the back plate but then when I sawed of the excess bezel back I sawed to closely to the bezel itself and into it weakening the structure. And then when I went to solder the bail on the back I bumped my soldering pan right when the solder flowed and jacked up the bail.

so that one was scraped..

it was so pretty....

second time around.. had a better idea

got it soldered but one little ball on the end wouldn't solder.. so on the THIRD try I went to far and melted the other 2 balls and the side of the bezel. LOUD SIGH!!!!!!

AGAIN,... would have been so pretty..

WOW am I glad I can send in my silver scrap!!

I will be doing this design again. I really like it!

Thankfully the rings are behaving and are turning out well. The sizing has been a learning curve for me bc I'm not numbers savvy! But, I'm figuring it out.

well, that's all I got for now..

If you want something made special for you head on over to shop and click on the custom tab at the top and let's work together!

Cheers ~


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