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HEY Friends ~

I've recently begun my smithing journey... Well it's been a few months now but any who..

I started out with some dainty copper bangles. My thinking was smaller gauge easier to start with but after posting it in the jewelry group I'm in apparently, copper is harder to solder than silver as it has a higher heating temp..

the things you don't know when you are self taught..

the first is after soldering and cleaning then the last 2 are after I oxidized them with liver of sulfur. You'll see me refer to it as LOS.

very rustic, organic and earthy.. I LOVE THEM!!

Soldering is quite the process. I'm self taught so I'm learning by trial and error.. which sometimes also makes for more work.

So ..what's the process you may be thinking... that's another post all together so stay tuned!

After I made the copper bangles I tried my hand at some sterling silver.. and I LOVE THEM!!

The smaller bangles are 18 G and the large is 10G. The 18 were easy as it's smaller and needs less heat. At first I didn't think I got the 10G soldered but I did and it's held up well. I've tried a few times since to make another one and I just can't get it to solder.. and I get frustrated and discouraged. I'm thinking it's not enough heat. I'm using a micro torch and I open my window and turn on my ceiling fan until I can get a table top fume extractor. Im thinking that there isn't enough heat bc of the window and fan sucking the heat.

But for now I keep trying and at some point I'll succeed. That's how you get good at something.

Stay tuned

Peace, Sherice

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