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A PRODUCTIVE WEEK AND CABOCHONS....... What are they? Where do you find them? My Favorite Sellers!!

Hello There ~

I hope your enjoying your Sunday or whatever day it is when this finds you.

It's been a busy week here in the Fashionably Adorned Studio. I was able to get 1 ring, 2 cuffs and 3 linked bracelets finished last week.

These Two Cuffs are Royston Ribbon Turquoise! I've never seen the darker shade of green and it's so pretty!! The lighter blue one is what I've usually seen but I know it also comes in a darker brown too! It's one of my favorite kinds of Turquoise, there's 1000's of different kinds of Turquoise!

The Ring is a beautiful Mexican Cantera fire Opal. Opals also come in different kinds and these are so pretty!! People usually think of the really light and bluish opals. I haven't yet worked with those but I've found a cabochon seller from Australia that has some amazing opals for a good price, in my humble self taught smithing opinion!


I made everything on these bracelets by hand from the bezel settings (what the stone sits in) to the linked beads, spiral links and clasps!!

Seriously a labor of love with these ones!

The Stones are:

Turquoise w/red jasper beads

Labradorite w/sunstone

Amber w/crazy agate

A few things I want to address about these sweet dainty bracelets.


Fear not they ARE SECURE!! It's one of those clasps you need to pull towards yourself then hook it onto the ring, so no worries of it falling off or not being secure! BELIEVE ME, I test all my jewelry before letting it go to it's forever home. That could mean wearing it for a few hrs, wearing a piece out for a test spin or putting something on and laying down or using my phone (stud earrings) to see how comfortable they are. Wearing a bracelet and failing my arms like I'm being swarmed by killer bees, to see if it will come loose, fall off or worse!!


The Set Cabochons (Stones, we will talk about this in a min) are not heavy so they will not flip around to the underside of your wrist when wearing these. They are meant to kinda be a little snug yet comfortable on the wrist for this reason. So if it fits properly it will be fine! If you like to wear your linked bracelets a little looser, this style may not be for you!

All these pieces and more will be available for purchase during my SIP and SHOP FB LIVE EVENT on the evening of OCT 24th!

JOIN US it's going to be fun and you'll have a chance to win THIS!

Hope to see you there!



*What is a cabochon?

A cabochon is material that has a flat back! A lapidary artist is someone who cuts stones and crystals into shapes for stone setting using metal to make jewelry. It can be bone carved, resin, or stones and crystals. For something to be a cabochon it has to have a flat back!

*Other ways to use Cabochons ~ You can also use cabochons for Electroforming, or even simply wire wrapping them into jewelry pieces! I've seen both ways! I use cabochons in the set fashion! So all the stones that are set in silver are cabochons.

* Where I get my Cabochons and a few favorite sellers ~

Sometimes people have gifted me cabs or I've found some at a market or crystal event. But most if not all of my cabs come from sellers on Instagram.

A few of my favorites are ~

Lexi @ Dazy Destash

Sohail @ Shop_cabochons (a great seller from India)

Jen @ Pinkmountaincabs

James @ Wilson.Turquoise

Rose and Graeme @ Newstoneagecabochons

All reputable and great to work with!

This is a cabochon that is carved out of bone or horn (TBH, not sure which).

This is a peek inside my sketchbook,

This is how I lay out the cabs I'm working with. Some of the designs work out, others don't.

Some cabs ready to be set in their pieces!

I hope this gives you a little insight into what I do as a jewelry maker and artist! It's a lot of fun but a very SLOW CRAFT! I'm learning a real lesson is patiences! Often times I want to go fast but with this I have to slow down, be present, take my time, and not rush the process for things to go smoothly. I hate getting to the end stage of setting a stone and having my bezel break bc of a weak joint or going to quickly and skipping steps. It's happened more than I'd like to admit. But I always learn from the experience and that's what I focus on.

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