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7 Things MetalSmithing has taught me and it's not what you think!

Hey there ~

The other day brainstorming topics for this blog I started thinking about what I've learned from metal smithing. And I don't mean learning to saw, solder or set beautiful earth magic in silver, yes it's done that but it's also done a whole lot more!!!

7 things Metalsmithing has taught me over the last almost 2 yrs.......

1. Patience ~

~Learning new things is hard. I'm self taught up until this point I've learned everything on my own. It's also hard to unlearn things and learn them differently. which is what I've had to do recently. I feel I'm at a point were I need help advancing my skills so I took a soldering course.

~ Smithing is a slow craft, I tend to want everything to go quickly because i'm a pretty buzzy person! so it's been hard to slow down and do things correctly, which is important in making jewelry!

2. Learning lessons

~ I don't think of failures like most people. To me they are learning lessons. If something isn't going right in the studio it's usually for a few reasons.

~There really is such a thing called the Solder Gods and we pray they grant us GOOD SOLDER VIBES at all times in the studio! so there's no rushing the process of making jewelry.

~When my energy is down or off, I'm tired or hungry then often times things aren't going to go smoothly in the studio. so I step away regroup, and try again.

~Often times when something isn't going well or isn't working it's because it's above my skill level. If I wait and come back to it a while later it will work out or I take a class or do some research.

3. Comparison really is the killer of joy!

~ I have to protect my mindset and really be conscious of my thoughts. Jewelry is a hard business. There are a lot of us doing similar things and it can get really discouraging if you are doing a lot of scrolling and not a lot of working on building your brand and business!!!

~I find that when I start to scroll and if I start the comparison game and I'm feeling bad or have jealousy I step back. I want to be truly happy for my peers! There is ENOUGH for us ALL. The universe doesn't have limits on enoughness! I want to have joy for others like I have for myself ! So this means I need to be reading and doing personal development. Keeping my mind in a place of positive creation and feeling good and at ease is how I manifest my life!

4. This leads us into the EGO...

~ Letting go and giving up the ego is really freeing. what I mean by this is when I start to feel jealous of a peer... I step back, look at the situation, ask myself questions, why am I feeling this way? do I like feeling this way?

~The answer is usually the ego self is rearing Its head and saying to you.. you'll never be like that or do that or blah blah blah!!! It's called doubt! you can not listen.. you have a dream, a desire it is meant to come to you and make you HAPPY!!!

5. Perfect is boring

~ society seems to want us to all be put in pretty little boxes and be perfect.. with labels and statuses that don't mean an ounce of anything in reality! Remember, you can't take any of that with you at the end!

~Hand made means exactly that, made by hand! It's going to have little blemishes or irregularities. Things won't always be even or symmetrical. Handmade artists do our best to get these things right but again, it is made with my two hands not a mold or a little fairy in my pocket.

6. Appreciation

~My Body, Metalsmithing is hard work. my shoulders, neck, hands, and fingers take a beating. And not to mention my eyes!! lots of little bits and bobs to solder and fit together! So I'm grateful for what my body does for me and that I can do what I love!

~ I'm also grateful for the community of other metalsmiths I've found on social media. always willing to answer questions and share information! and they don't judge that a lot of people are self taught opposed to being taught in a school earning a degree.

~Also my local community. Doing events is a lot of fun. I always come out of it with new friends and contacts in my community. loving my community and giving back is important to me.

~ I'm most grateful for my customers, new and return. It's always wonderful to know that people like my designs and pieces and want to buy them! Jewelry is something that is handed down in families for generations and good quality jewelry will last a lifetime if taken care of correctly. So it blows my mind that these creations will be in the world forever. Most likely being handed down, it makes my heart happy!

7. Last But most important is BELIEF!!

~ you HAVE to believe in yourself and your ability to manifest your dream, vision, or hearts desires!! Personal Development will help you do this! you have to be conscious about your thoughts and where you are heading. Things are always in the process of becoming!

~You must have faith in yourself and your dream! It takes practice but I'm finally getting it.

~I know now when I'm in the creative manifesting zone and when I'm not in tune with my dreams and vision! It takes work but anything worth doing is going to take work and effort. otherwise everyone in the world would be successful and living the life of their dreams!

well that's what I've got for you! And if you are still reading this, you are really great!! Thank you!

until next time


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